Written by: Drew Blogs

Incase you were all wondering whom might be stepping up against our substitute teacher who has been promoting Street League, we have indeed found Mr. Goldrosen an opponent. Mike Widmer of Genoa Ohio will be taking on Goldrosen, October 29th! It will be an after-school detention showdown between these two men! Remember the days when you would get into an altercation at school and tell the other kid “Meet me at the park, it’s goin down!”, this has the same vibe! Mr. Goldrosen has been submitting content dressed in his wrestling singlet and attire while we looked for an opponent for him to wrestle. We got the word that Mike was willing to step up and show this teacher that “Detention sucks”!

Mike is an assistant wrestling coach at Genoa High School in Northwest Ohio, and also trains MMA. He was scheduled to fight a Russian, however that man backed out of their scheduled fight. So clearly he was looking to find some way to compete and that’s when he realized the Street League was his calling! Mike has been a fan of the show and content since our first event this past August. He plans on electrifying the crowd with not only his wrestling but with his walk out to “Voodoo Child” by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mike was a High School State Qualifier in the state of Ohio and was an All-American at the AAU Level (Disney Duals). He once had quite the battle with NCAA All-American Dustin Fox, whom also is an Ohio Native and competed for Northwestern in Chicago. Mike is a huge supporter when it comes to our sport. His favorite National Team Members are David Taylor and Sarah Hildebrandt. Mike has told me that he plans on pushing the pace and just giving it his all. He wants to provide excitement for the crowd and viewers back at home! He says no matter the outcome, this is all to provide growth for the sport of Wrestling. 

Mr. Goldrosen has been preparing for some time, and one can expect a hard fought bout between two men. Mr. Goldrosen being a former standout at his college, and was an All-Conference wrestler during his years. Sure these men may not have competed in wrestling for some time, but they both continually train and coach. We have seen success from some of the wrestlers that come in that have been training in MMA due to the fact that they are always staying active in some way. Let’s see if Mike Widmer can escape detention and make this Substitute Teacher eat his words. 

Mr. Goldrosen and Mike Widmer have been providing us and the fans with some absolutely brilliant content from pre-match smack talk to look alike Pressers that resemble an old school WWF/MMA bout! The fans have even called Mike Widmer “The People’s Champ”. Can Mr. Goldrosen handle this unruly student? Will he have to in fact break out the last stop, and issue a suspension? Will Mr. Goldrosen really have to take this to the next level and dare he mention the word “EXPEL”!? I have been stoked for this match since I heard the news. I know all of you reading this are just as stoked as us! I truly think by the end of the night that this will be one of the match ups that everyone will be talking about the following week. So who will you be rooting for? If there was a betting line, who would you take? Who would be the favorite to win this bout? Are you going to be on the side of the substitute teacher, or will you be on Team Widmer? You decide! However on October 29th from the first whistle to the last, the fate will then be in Widmer’s and Goldrosen’s hands to determine a victor.

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