By: Andrew E. Gasber

When you read the headline that says “Wrestling Mom Vs. Coach’s Wife”. What comes to mind? Is it possibly a screaming fest of “Shooooooot , shoooooot, you gotta score”? Or does your mind place you mat side at Stalemates Street League 2, watching two ladies scrap for the first time competitively on a live stream? Well, in case your answer was number two, you’re right. Stalemates Street League is rocking and already on to their second event! The first event was such a huge hit for wrestling fans all over, we decided to give the fans what they want and here we are preparing for number two! This undercard matchup before the main card will host two young ladies who will be competing on live stream and card for the first time ever! For Rebecca Roper, the wife of Lee Roper(Assistant Coach at UNI), she will be stepping onto the mat for the very first time as an actual athlete/wrestler. Her opponent will be Billie Sims of Haymarket Virginia. Both of these young ladies have a great passion for the sport of wrestling. Rebecca being an enthusiast and employee at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum and also the wife of a college coach, she jumped at the opportunity when it came time for Street League 2! Billie Sims being a wrestling mom from Virginia and also a former two sport athlete at George Mason University with some wrestling experience, she was encouraged by her wrestling family and son, who is an All-American @ the National Prep level for Benedictine College Prep. 

I got the chance to send over some questions to the ladies to get an idea of just how they were taking to the training and what their plans were coming into Stalemates Street League 2. Rebecca Roper has been involved within the wrestling community pretty much from the time of birth. Her family is an incredibly large wrestling family from the south. Her first memory of the sport was around 7 or 8, and wrestling in the living room with her brother. Rebecca always wanted to lace up the shoes and wrestle competitively in high school or even prior, however at that time there was not a whole lot for female wrestling in the south. Let alone the way parents and some folks viewed Women’s Wrestling when they had to compete against other boys. Her family has been so supportive of her since her decision to compete in the Street League that as soon as the live stream is up and rolling they will be at home watching. Rebecca will also have some of the absolute best in the state of Iowa in her corner for this bout. Her Husband Lee Roper and also legendary college coach Jim Miller. Jim is the director of The National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum and also a 10 time NCAA Championship winning coach! Those are two great assets to have for when it comes to training and preparing for a big match. Rebecca certainly understands the world of wrestling but now as a competitor she is experiencing training, and the mental capacity it takes to be an elite wrestler. When it comes to her opponent, she claims her advantage is “Not knowing Billie all that well”. So for now she wants us all to know that she’s crazier than her opponent! Between working at the Wrestling Hall Of Fame Museum and having such a huge wrestling family, I think it is safe to say that this young Iowa lady is coming in to kick some ass on October 29th!

It doesn’t get much more exciting than this! Wrestling Mom Vs. Coach’s Wife. This is the type of stuff people truly want to see! We always see the crazy wrestling moms yelling their heads off at tournaments and saying things. Now it is time to finally put the words to the mat and we all get to watch the ultimate showdown! 

Billie Sims was once a former two sport athlete in college. She even joined the Men’s Wrestling Club while at George Mason University, competing solely against men since there weren’t any other female competitors. She did not mind one bit, and she learned and continued training. Not only does Billie stay active, she is a pretty damn good Horseback Rider. Her family has been in the rodeo business and bull riding for years. She goes to yoga four times a week and runs four miles a day. Her son, Dyson Dunham, encouraged her to compete in this Street League and has been drilling with mom getting her ready for October 29th! Billie is going to have her son and her brother Bobby who was a State Champion in high school in her corner, with some assistance from Coach Tyler Atwell as well. Billie has always wanted to inspire younger females to wrestle if that is what their heart truly desires. She has had numerous parents ask her for advice on having their daughter participate in contact sports against boys or other females. She always encourages the parents to do what their daughter’s heart desires. Even though Billie has never seen live competition, she has been on the mat sparring against boys her entire life. She says while in high school their Coach “Coach Foy” treated her just like the boys and just like any other wrestler on the team. This is Billie’s edge. She can break a horse, she is physical and in great shape! She is coming ready to scrap 100%. So Rebecca, I hope you are ready for a full go with this wrestling mom from Virginia! Oh, and Billie plans to come out to something by Metallica or “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy”, either way, both are very fitting for this wrestling mom!

Just wanted to give everybody a little preview of some of the matches we have in store for Street League 2! Wrestling Mom and Coach’s Wife will surely not disappoint! I think the venue is going to be on their feet for when these two ladies come out to scrap and put on a show for all in attendance and at home! Stay tuned for some interviews and more updates on the Card as we continue to work towards October 29th, or take the time to subscribe to StaleMates Patreon. For just $3.99, you can become a supporter of Stalemates Show and receive all content and even some of the behind the scenes and added content. You will be able to stream the event as long as you are a member of our Patreon. We look forward to another great event and a sold out show. We also encourage those of you who can’t make it to subscribe, get the popcorn or brews ready, and sit back to watch some wrasslin!

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