We are back with another matchup announcement! Get your popcorn, get your beverage, get your tickets or subscribe to the patreon because this one is a BANGER. Mikey England vs. Gerald Harris or Maniac vs. Hurricane. However you want to put it, this matchup is a must watch. A UFC Prospect vs. UFC Veteran. Either way, they both scrap.

If you watched the first StaleMates Street League you without a doubt watched Mikey England walk out in his fireman uniform to the song “Fireman” by Lil Wayne. Mikey is a (you guessed it) firefighter out of Kansas City, Missouri. He currently trains at Glory MMA and hopes to make his UFC debut in the coming future. England’s wrestling credentials go as far back as you want to research. State Champion in Iowa, wrestled at Iowa State and Mizzou, and reached the round of 12 his senior year of college. Mikey loves to put on a show so do not miss this match, from walk out to match end.

Gerald Harris is a name you will recognize if you’re a true UFC fan. Gerald was a cast member on the popular UFC TV Show “The Ultimate Fighter Season 7”. Harris has competed in World Series of Fighting, Bellator, UFC, and a couple other organizations as well. Although StaleMates Street League is a first for Mr. Gerald Harris AKA Hurricane, he is no stranger to the wrestling mat. Harris, the Oklahoma native, made his way to Cleveland, Ohio where he became the ALL TIME WINS LEADER for Cleveland State.

Are you sold yet? Good. Tickets will be on sale soon. Can’t make it to Des Moines, Iowa on October 29th? We have you covered. Subscribe to our Patreon and you can watch from the comfort of your home. Only $3.99.

LINK TO WATCH: www.patreon.com/stalemates

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