Gable Steveson and PJ Fleck answered questions from the media yesterday on Monday September 13th in Minnesota, and since we are a wrestling media company, you probably only care about one of these press conferences. That press conference is of the WWE Future Superstar, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Nick Merc’s friend, Gable Dan Steveson. There have been a lot of questions from the wrestling world regarding Mr. Steveson’s future and this presser answers a lot of them. Here are our 5 important takeaways.

5. Gable Has No Beef With Dana White. During his media run after winning Gold in Tokyo, Gable answered questions about the UFC and said he does not want to chase a UFC contract and said Dana has his number and can reach out, and also said the meeting with UFC never happened. This led many to believe Dana stood Gable up and had no real intentions of chasing the gold medalist. In this presser Gable says it was more of a scheduling conflict with the WWE in Las Vegas rather than being stood up. Gable also kind of left the door open for future talks down the road. 

4. Gable Knew All Along Where He Was Going. Although Gable punk’d us all into thinking he was exploring all options, he claims he knew the whole time where he was going. Gable said it was a little bit of acting while he awaited the pen to paper. He also talks about not knowing how long the process was going to take which led to the long awaited announcement. 

3. Gable Doesn’t Have Time For Football. One reporter straight up asked how serious the football talks were. This is a valid question as Gable has zero football experience. Gable expressed on the Pat McAfee Show that he was interested in playing football and even put it on top of his interest list. We know now, we were duped. Gable’s response to the reporter was that he in fact did attend two football practices and went as far as watching the linemen and learned some of the techniques. However, at the end of the day, Gable was being pulled in too many directions to learn a new sport and knew he was not going to have the time it takes to make it to the top tier of pigskin. 

2. Is The Mason Parris Rivalry Really A Rivalry? One questionable reporter decided to bring Mason Parris into this moment by asking if Gable was looking forward to renewing some old college rivalries like “Mason Parris, perhaps?”. Gable responded with a smirk and questioned if it was really a rivalry. I guess we will find out this winter if the Michigan Wolverine can make it one, perhaps.

1. Gable Steveson’s WWE Name Will Be Gable Steveson. Thank God. Why would you ever change that.

Watch the press conference for yourself at this link: Press Conference: Gophers’ Gable Steveson on Returning to Minnesota

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