College wrestling fans everywhere can rest their weary souls and get a good night’s sleep now, as Gable Steveson will be staying in the NCAA one more year to compete in wrestling. After months of back and forth speculation, it was beginning to look as though Gable was closing the wrestling chapter of his life for the next. However, this afternoon Steveson made the official announcement on twitter that he will return to the University of Minnesota for his senior season to defend his National Title. 

For some time there has been whispers of Gable Steveson leaving college wrestling before his eligibility was up. Gable has always been vocal about his desire to be in the WWE, and when we watched him pretty much sleepwalk through his bracket at NCAAs, the question become even more prominent. Fast forward to August, Steveson became an Olympic Gold Medalist, and it appeared he may have checked all the boxes on his wrestling bucket list. 

A hot commodity coming out of the Olympics,  he went on a major media run, met with the WWE, the UFC, was teasing the possibility of the NFL, and declined entering the World Team Trials. Gable even made a post saying he was retiring his signature post-match backflip, which looked like it meant a goodbye to wrestling. Turns out he must of just been tired of doing backflips for you all, as his wrestling is continuing on. Steveson has always been a man of entertainment, and it looks like he kept the wrestling world on pins and needles for a dramatic build. 

Earlier in the week, it was officially announced by ESPN that Gable had signed a multi-year contract with the WWE. When this was put out there many just saw the headlines and thought, “Welp, there he goes, we lost him”. However, some uber-smart internet sleuths actually read the articles and saw this was an NIL deal, meaning his college eligibility was not forfeited.  When the NIL Act was passed in July, speculation only intensified about if Gable would actually leave Minnesota. Now that college athletes can make a bag while still hitting the books, would Steveson need to depart from Minnesota to make the big bucks?  We now know that is not the case. 

Steveson will have a remote WWE training center located near Minnesota campus to train at in order to learn the ropes of Professional Wrestling. He will also have access to the WWE’s training center in Orlando, where his brother, Bobby Steveson currently trains. Once Steveson graduates in May, his WWE contract will officially begin where he’ll be a full-time performer. After taking us on an emotional rollercoaster, toying with us though cryptic social media posts, it turns out Gable Steveson is really just one of the biggest trolls in wrestling, and for that we thank him. 

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