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5 People Hasbulla Should Wrestle

If you are in the combat sports realm at all, or if you have logged on to social media at any given time the past 5 months, there is a 100% chance you have came across Hasbulla by this point. If you’ve seen a video of what appears to be a toddler squaring up on someone, talking trash in a foreign language, or toting guns while riding a motorcycle, that would be Hasbulla. Hasbulla Magomedov is actually an 19-year-old social media star from Makhachkala, Russia. Hasbulla suffers from Growth Hormone Deficiency, which gives him the appearance of a 5-year-old, and he has managed to leverage this disorder into internet superstardom.

Hasbulla originally blew up in March when a video of him and another social media star with dwarfism holding a pre-fight press conference went viral. The video racked up 8.8 million views in 3 days, and since then Hasbulla has been welcomed with open arms by the MMA world and everybody else. Honestly, I had been sitting on this article idea for a while and thought by the time I wrote it Hasbulla might not be that relevant anymore. That proved to be wrong. Habulla still goes viral daily, it’s known that Hasbulla has hung out with Khabib Nurmagomedov on multiple occasions, Logan Paul referenced him as inspiration, and just a couple weeks ago Rafal Fiziev called out Hasbulla after a UFC 265 victory. Hasbulla’s fight with dwarf singer Abdu Rozik is still looking to materialize, and really the only thing that has kept momentum for this fight to happen is the sheer numbers Hasbulla can pull. What if Hasbulla took his talents to wrestling instead? Wrestling can always use some more eyes, and Hasbulla is the man to do it. Here’s 5 people we think would be a stellar matchup for Hasbulla if he were to leave the octagon for the mat. 

1) Henry Cejudo

Starting off with an easy one to warm you up to this article, as these two have already crossed paths… on the internet. When a video was shared of Khabib telling Cejudo that Hasbulla would kill him, Triple-C was not having it. He let Hasbulla know he would toss him like a new-born. With this script pretty much wrote already, this would be an easy money-grab for wrestling. Cejudo, a legend in both wrestling and MMA, and Hasbulla, the new GOAT with a mass following, this is an exhibition wrestling match anyone could grab on to. 

2) Spencer Lee

-Yoda vs Hasbulla, get ready folks. Excuses are for wussies, so with Hasbulla’s genetic disorder and Spencer’s lack of ACLs, I say this is an even matchup. Can the pride of Iowa take down the pride of Dagestan? Tough to say. My only concern is Spencer has never really been one for trash talk, and that’s Hasbulla’s main shtick. We know Hasbulla would deliver on his side of promotion, but with Lee’s more reserved personality could this build up the proper hype that a Hasbulla wrestling match deserves? Let’s just hope Spencer can pull through. 

3) Willie Saylor

Honestly, a match made in heaven in my opinion. Both have a low-tolerance for bullshit and their strong personalities would make for a clash on the wrestling mat. However, Willie is more involved in the business side of wrestling now, so I don’t know if his fitness and training would be up to par with Hasbulla. Like we prefaced at the beginning of this article as well, Hasbulla is fluent in fighting, not wrestling. Willie would be a great break-in opponent for Hasbulla to get his toes wet in wrestling with, and both are well-recognized figures in their field. 

4) Tag Team Match: Hasbulla & Abdu Rozik vs Tom & Terry Brands

Hasbulla’s first official fight is supposed to be with Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik, and their pre-fight press conference that gained millions of views was for this fight. However, it has been delayed months, as there are actually some legal parameters that have to be worked around for two men with dwarfism to be paid to fight each other for the rest of the world’s viewing pleasure. When you really think about it, it does sound a bit mean-spirited. Wouldn’t it be heartwarming though if these two decided to team up instead? What if instead of fight each other, these two came to America to wrestle the original dynamic duo, Tom and Terry Brands! Their fans overseas would get to finally see these two in action, and those of us in the heartland would get to see TnT suit-up one last time to take on some internet phenoms. A win-win for all, and we would see nothing but tough wrestling. 

5) Winner of Flo’s Who’s Number One: 106 lb match

-FloWrestling’s Who’s Number One card is coming up, where the top talent at the high school level face off to determine who truly is number one in the nation. What if this year’s competitors at the 106 lb weight class got the chance to see if they were number one in the WORLD? As the closest weight to Hasbulla, the winner of this match takes on Mini-Khabib. The high school wrestlers would have nothing to worry about, as Hasbulla is 19 years old and is not a U.S. citizen so their national ranking would still be intact if they were to take a loss. Before his pre-fight press conference went viral, Hasbulla built his online rapport by fighting legitimate children. Not people with dwarfism, but actual children. How different could wrestling one of the United States’ top high schoolers be?


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