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First Team All-Electric

It’s simple. We sorted through College Wrestling’s most electrifying athletes at each weight and picked our inaugural First Team All-Electric. Criteria is performance on the mat or off. Let’s dive in. 

125- Sam Latona

  • Sam Latona solidified his First Team All Electric accolade after his very electric match vs. NC State’s Jakob Camacho. The dual of the year came down to the last match and the last seconds where Latona put Camacho on his back securing the match and the dual on criteria. Latona metaphorically put Hokie nation on his back and gave us an all time moment for this season. This match also birthed the legendary call from Rock Harrsion “Drama Personified”. 

133- Austin Desanto

  • Although there really wasn’t much Austin Desanto this year he was still the same Desanto we have all come to love throughout the years. We didn’t get any kimuras or shushing to the Cornhuskers, we still saw plenty of points on the board. The lack of Austin Desanto this year really drives the mystery that he is. This man created electricity basically. He is the Benjamin Franklin of NCAA wrestling. 

141- Allan Hart 

  • After watching Allan Hart beat one of my favorite Cyclones Ian Parker it made me really intrigued by Hart. Maybe it’s the red hair or classic Mizzou style of wrestling, either way, Allan Hart is a lock for 141 First Team All Electric. After doing some homework on Hart I found a video from ABC17 on Allan Hart spontaneously running a marathon after finding out NCAAs was cancelled last year. Check it out: https://youtu.be/HZhuvusokUk

149- Bryce Andonian

  • If you have ever seen this man wrestle there is no need for an explanation. As the great Rock Harrison said “He’s Bryce Andonian he can do what he wants” or something like that. His style is all fireworks and he’s almost always guaranteed to go upper body with you and score from it. After his ACC finals match against AOC he furthermore proved why he deserves the nod. 

157- Chase Saldate

  • The Gilroy native had an impressive wrestling season on the mat but is also probably one of the most notable wrestlers off the mat and you might not have known that. Mr. Saldate has 13.6k YouTube subscribers and 357.9k Tik Tok Followers which is one of the biggest followings in this sport. You put out electric content and you make first team All-Electric in your freshman year. 

165- Keagan O’Toole

  • I don’t know much about Keagan O’Toole off the mat but I do know a lot about him on the mat. O’Toole has the tools (pun fully intended) to pin you from any position. I was only able to watch a handful of his matches this season but he delivered every time. There’s something about the Missouri Tigers that is electric to watch. 

174- Donnell Washington

  • I mean, if you beat Carter Starrocci in his college debut by taking him feet-to-back then you deserve First Team. That’s also a compliment to Starrocci. Washington loves to go upper body which makes him an exciting watch every time. I expect to see him throw some fools in the near future. 

184- Aaron Brooks  

  • Aaron Brooks proved how tough he was in his match against Nelson Brands at Big 10s and cemented himself as mayor of Electric City. Kudos to him on the gutsy finish in Pennsylvania over the weekend. 

197- Aj Ferrari

  • We all saw this one coming right? The Ferraris are the first family of Electricity. I’m not going to tally up all his social media credentials because we would be here all day. This guy came at Jordan Burroughs, Gable Steveson, and Ben Askren. All 3 of these gentlemen are savvy wrestlers but also savvy in the twitter streets. He might not have won those virtual bouts but he was very game for it. Wasn’t sure how he would recover from #ThighPryGate but he totally came back this weekend with a performance in the Big 12 Finals that will cement him as legend status in the Pokies eyes and a lot more fans as well. We still have a lot more time left with Mr. Ferrari and I can’t wait.

285- Gable Steveson

  • Obvious choice here. The heavyweight division is usually full of nice guys. We all love our local heavyweight but Gable Steveson seems to be playing the heel roll as of late and I’m not mad at him. Everytime this guy trolls it’s calculated and methodical. The tough part is? Good luck doing something about it.

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