Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Since StaleMates inception we have tried to always be clear that pretty much all of our content is opinion-based. We are not technical experts of the sport, nor have we ever delved into the scores and numbers when we’ve recapped wrestling(unless gambling is involved). We are heavily involved in the wrestling twitter-sphere though, and with our time there we couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of statistic accounts active. Whether a purely stats-based account, or a media journalist who’s done their research and found something worth sharing, there is a wide spread of people on twitter digging deep into the numbers of the sport. We thought there could be a way StaleMates could embrace this factual demographic of wrestling twitter in a competitive and unique way. 

StaleMates wants to call all to participate in STAT WARS. STAT WARS is a seeded tournament competition, where contestants will enter their best statistic each round in a head-to-head battle. Direct message @stalematesshow on twitter to enter the tournament. College Wrestling Focus will be seeding and presenting the final bracket come tournament time. The matches will be carried out through twitter polls. All stats will be presented anonymously in the polls, so as identity won’t distract from the cold hard facts. The more creative statistics are encouraged for criteria, and not necessarily the most impressive feat performed by a wrestler or program. It will be up to the good people of wrestling twitter to vote who makes it through to the next round.This tournament will be a gauntlet of sorts, and a new statistic will have to be prepared each round by participants. If a statistic is dubbed false by the people of the twitter, and confirmed false by College Wrestling Focus, the contestant will be automatically disqualified. The winner who comes out on top will be awarded a $100 cash prize. 

We would like to highlight the new entity that Stalemates recently acquired, College Wrestling Focus(@WrestlingFocus), for presenting this idea to us. “This event is our first step in integrating ourselves into StaleMates. We felt this was an authentic way to present our type of content in a manner that fit to StaleMates,” stated the owner of College Wrestling Focus. 

More details will be out soon for when the bracket will be released and competition beginning. However, we are looking for our tournament entries immediately, so DM @stalematesshow to enter yourself. We are looking to find the ultimate stat-head in wrestling. If you’re up to the challenge, you could claim that title, $100, and be the winner of the first ever STAT WARS.


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