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2021 Wrestling Mat Rankings

Over time we have seen the production for college wrestling meets scale upward with more flair and style each year. From pyrotechnics to lighting effects, programs have become innovative in making their home meets a memorable experience. However, one cannot forget the center piece that ties it all together, the wrestling mat. Recently we have seen many colleges roll out new mats with fresh and impressive designs, so we felt it was time to highlight the best of the best. With a strict set of confidential criteria, we sifted through the top Division 1 wrestling mats and narrowed it down to our top ten. So without further ado, we present you Stalemates inaugural college wrestling mat rankings.

#10 Harvard University

Although creativity was the #1 criteria in these rankings and this is a virtual 0 on the creativity scale this mat screams you are here for school and not extra curricular activities. Very on brand. The bluntness of this statement puts Harvard at 10. 

#9 Virginia Tech

The Octo-haters are fuming with this one. Sorry but it would be wrong to leave this one out. Not a Hokie fan yet but I love their colors. Top 10 mat.

#8 University of Wisconsin

Maybe we have recency bias here, and this picture tweeted out by head Coach Chris Bono sparked the idea for these rankings but nevertheless this is top 10 material. Outline of the state of Wisconsin, matte black on the outside, and big logo in the middle. We realize Ohio State and Indiana have similar mats, but the matte finish, no pun intended, gives this mat the edge. 

#7 Fresno State University

Although this is most likely the last year for Fresno State Wrestling, we still think they deserve the #7 spot on the inaugural wrestling mat rankings. An out of the ordinary design, mascot spellout, landscape in the background. Deal with it. 

#6 South Dakota State University

Logo size was considered in criteria so with this probably being the biggest logo on a mat in Division 1, it earns the #6 spot. Couple that with the famous #GetJacked moniker and here we are.

#5 University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Love them or hate them, but octagon mats are here to stay and they are spreading like no other. I am a fan of the logo taking up the entire circle so pair that with the 8 sided burgundy mat and it earns you a spot in the top 5.

#4 The University of Oklahoma

Boomer Sooner inbounding. The big hit OU taking up the entire circle, the white colorway, followed up with shadow rings. Simple yet highly effective. 

#3 University of Wyoming

Dubbed the highest division 1 school in College Wrestling (Elevation) this mat will definitely have you tripping but in a good way. The western font, the brown and yellow marble colorway. What’s not to love.

#2 Oklahoma State University

This might seem like an attempt to get on the Pokies good side but that is not the case. This brand new mat design pays homage to the traditional warm ups the Cowboys have worn for many years. Mix that in with the traditional alternative logo and you earn the #2 ranking.

#1 Edinboro University

If a Britney Spears skirt from 1998 made love with a wrestling mat, and then made love with a University started in 1857, you would have this mat that currently hosts the Edinboro Fighting Scots. The creativity, and on brand design earns the #1 spot in the inaugural wrestling mat rankings.


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