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2020 Senior Nationals Predictions- @StaleMatesBravo


Top side: Arujau over Mueller

I saw enough out of Mueller against the Russian to think he will beat Perelli in the quarters. Vito over Mueller though.

Bottom side: Cruz over Richards.

I know this is chalk but Cruz is GOOD, and big. He looked awesome for 5 minutes against Gilman. Gimme Cruz over Richards in a close one.

Finals: Arujau over Cruz

This one is going to be closer than people think. Vito likes to score a lot of points but he also likes to give up points. I think Vito scores a few more. Expect a 6-6 or 8-8 type match. But gimme Vito 6 after a late takedown and turn.


Top side: Mckenna over Mckee

People forget Mckee was a junior world silver. His folkstyle results don’t match up with his freestyle results. His head pinch is nasty. Regardless, Mckenna wins easily.

Bottom Side: Eierman over Pletcher

Heil/Pletcher is going to be amazing. But give me Pletcher over Heil then Henderson. Eierman is too much for Pletcher though. 

Finals: Mckenna over Eierman

Mckenna is too solid. This one has potential to be crazy or super boring. Hopefully crazy. Mckenna by a few.


Top side: Deakin over Massa

Yeah yeah yeah, I know Massa just beat Bekzod. Deakin doesn’t get enough credit for his freestyle results though. Deakin in a close one.

Bottom side: Hidlay over Wick

Hidlay underhooks Valencia to death(defeat) and then underhooks Wick to death(defeat) as well. 

Finals: Hidlay over Deakin

I would have picked Hidlay at NCAA’s. So naturally I have to pick Hidlay here. But seriously I think Hidlay controls center and wins this one close.


Top side: Pfarr over Jackson

I don’t care what Pfarr looked like the last time we saw him. He has awesome wins. I think he gasses Jackson late.

Bottom side: Dean over Mcfadden

I’m really interested to see Mcfadden out of the 6th seed. He’s better then people give him credit for. Dean will be too much for him though. 

Finals: Dean over Pfarr. 

I have a hard time picking against Dean. He trains with Kyle Dake.


Top side: Snyder over Gadson

Snyder next topic.

Bottom side: Moore over Zillmer

Moore has about 1000 ways to score takedowns. I know Zillmer has been around the block but it’s Moore’s time now. Moore by a couple.

Finals: Snyder next topic.


Top Side: Bradley over Hall

Bradley is so much better than people think. Look at his results. This one isn’t going to be close either.

Bottom side: Parris over Hillger

Hillger will “upset” Hemida and then get controlled by Parris. Turns out Parris is good at freestyle wrestling in case people forgot.

Finals: Bradley over Parris

Bradley wins this one close. This will be the first and last time I pick Bradley over Parris. Parris is legit. 


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