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Controversial International Matches -@StalematesBravo

Musukaev vs Lebedev – 2016 Russian Olympic Trials

I have been a big Musukaev fan since 2015 when he wrestled Lebedev in the Yarygin finals. At that time, I remember thinking that he just might win the spot in 2016. It just so happened I was right and he would beat Lebedev, but he couldn’t quite beat the refs(Lebedev $$$). The match starts out by Musukaev getting an early takedown to go up 2-0, and then things get weird. Lebedev is awarded a takedown from putting Musukaev in the quad pod position, and Musukaev coaches challenge and lose, so Lebedev is then up 3-2. In the second, Musukaev scores a push out that could have easily been called a takedown, making it 3-3. Lebedev is then rewarded for doing absolutely nothing, by getting Musukaev put on the clock with about 40 seconds left on the clock. Musukaev immediately shoved Lebedev afterwards and coaches and police got involved. Dagestan almost boycotted the rest of the trials. Classic Russian Nationals.

Viktor Lebedev vs Ismail Musukaev - Russian Championship 2016 -57kg FS

Valiev vs Kim – 2017 World Championships

For a Valiev match, this is a crazy high scoring match. He normally doesn’t open up and is actually one of my least favorite guys to watch, as I stated in my previous article. In this match, Valieve scores first on a shot clock point, and then a takedown, to end the period up 3-0. The second period is where the craziness begins. Kim is awarded two for a pretty blatant eye poke, followed by a push out for Valiev. With short time left, Kim counters a Valieve shot with a big throw out of bounds for four points, to go up 6-4. After a failed challenge, the score is then 7-4. With two seconds left on the re-start, Kim shoots in and Valiev chest wraps him through and gets a gut wrench to make the score 8-7. After a failed Kim challenge the final was 9-7. Now I’m not sure how you can score a chest wrap and gut wrench in two seconds, but who am I to say. Was the clock running? Did Kim even expose? Well, when you are competing against Russia, none of that matters anyway.

1/8 FS - 86 kg: V. VALIEV (RUS) df. G. KIM (KOR) by VPO1, 9-7

Navruzov vs Gomez – 2016 Olympics

It is a pretty certain thing that specific countries paid off the refs at the 2016 Olympics – Uzbekistan being one of those countries. Both these guys are former World silver medalists and met in the quarter finals here in the 2016 Olympics. Gomez started out with a takedown. What happens next is the start of the cheating. Navruzov was given a takedown for not completely going behind Gomez, and then immediately gets a pushout. There was no way that was a takedown. Not even at a four man round robin tournament reffed by a high school kid. Gomez earns a step out point early in the second and then the two trade takedowns, giving Gomez a 5-5 lead on criteria. With 25 seconds left, Gomez gets in on a double leg and Navruzov attempts to counter with a chest wrap as they go out of bounds. Most people would give Gomez a four. The ref initially gives 1 point to Gomez and then immediately switches to give Navruzov 2. Gomez challenges the call and loses making it 8-5. Please watch and let me know what you think. You can even hear the head table questioning these calls.

1/4 FS - 65 kg: I. NAVRUZOV (UZB) df. F. GOMEZ (PUR), 8-5

Anytime Russia/Soviet Union Wrestles a Match with Cary Kolat and Kerry Mccoy

Everyone knows Russia is crooked. I’ve heard stories of Russia and the Eastern-block countries paying off refs and other countries in order to win world titles, medals, and even matches. Kolat and Mccoy stories are just insane to even think about. Both won their matches, had their hands raised and walked off the mat, only later to be told that they actually lost. Kolat actually got screwed over multiple years. I have zero inside information, but have heard stories about Russia buying off multiple Cuban athletes in order to make sure they would win. Trust me, I can respect the skill and technique of the Russians, but when there is match fixing involved I just can’t get on board with that.  


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