Wrestling Underground 1 is live at 9PM EST on August 30th. It will be streamed on ufcfightpass.com. It features five amazing freestyle matches along with an awesome greco match. The most interesting part of this card is that they will be wrestling in an octagon cage. To my knowledge this has never been done before so I am excited to see how it plays out. 

Anyways, enough of that stuff I don’t like talking about that. Let’s get to the matches themselves. I’m going to throw in the betting odds from betDSI for each match, giving my thoughts and opinions on each as well as who I would bet.

Match 1

Tyler Berger -145 vs Joey Mckenna +105

I would hammer Mckenna at +105. I think that he is better and has better freestyle results. Berger is great and an NCAA finalist up at 157, but Mckenna is a Junior world silver medalist and not very long ago was competing in Final X for a spot on the senior world team. Berger has very limited freestyle experience and in my opinion the only thing he has going for him is a potential weight advantage. Hammer Mckenna all day long, he’s going to win this match. 

Match 2

Ravaughn Perkins +170 vs Ben Provisor -233

These odds are probably about right. Provisor is a 2x Olympian and has recently been up as high as 92kg. Perkins has spent most of his time at 72/77kg and was the 2018 world team rep at 72kg. I think the weight difference and the experience give Provisor the edge and that is who I would pick. But, if I was going to bet on this match I would bet Perkins at +170. Those are great odds and I think Perkins has the skills to win.

Match 3

Shakur Rasheed -110 vs Sammy Brooks -130

If Zach would pay me a million dollars, I would put it all on Brooks. I think people underestimate how good Brooks really is/was. He is probably better in freestyle then he is in folkstyle. If it means anything to you he has never lost to Myles Martin. Rasheed is very good himself, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched him compete in freestyle and he has been nagged by injuries lately as well. Brooks’ experience in freestyle and Rasheeds lack of freestyle experience is what does it for me. Brooks by a lot. 

Match 4

Deron Winn +145 vs Kollin Moore -185

This might be the most interesting match of them all. I really don’t know what to think. Both have great freestyle results and experience. Moore has a bronze medal from the 2018 Junior World Championships and a silver medal from the 2019 U23 World Championships. While Winn doesn’t have any accolades like that he does have multiple wins over top guys along with a win over Jden Cox. Not many people can say that. Let me repeat, Winn has a win over Jden Cox. But that was a long time ago. Moore has better recent results and I think he’s just better. I’m picking Moore and would bet him even at -185.

Match 5

Mark Hall -256 vs Tommy Gantt +185

I’m not really sure how to look at this. Honestly, Hall should be a bigger favorite in my opinion. He’s a 2x Junior World Champion and NCAA Champion. When you look at Gantts resume you might not be all that impressed but he is legit. With that being said Hall is going to win this match easily. Even at -256 I would take him. 

Match 6

Nick Gwiazdowski -200 vs Kyven Gadson +160

The BIG ONE. Literally and figuratively. Now, when you look at this match you are probably thinking about Gwiz all day everyday. Not so fast. People forget how consistent Kyven has been the last 5-6 years. It just so happens Kyle Snyder stands in his way. Gwiz is definitely more accomplished and has multiple world medals and is the easy pick. So that’s what I’m going to do. I will say I recently saw Kyven and he looked like he weighed 260 of pure muscle but I have to go with the more proven guy. I would even bet on Gwiz if I had to choose. -200 isn’t great odds but I just don’t see how he loses. 

Rundown of BBB(Bravos Bold Bets)/BBP(Bravos Bold Predictions)

Mckenna +105/Mckenna

Perkins +175/Provisor

Brooks -130/Brooks

Moore -185/Moore

Hall -256/Hall

Gwiz -200/Gwiz

After looking these over I understand why I am such a terrible gambler. 

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