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Miller vs Realbuto – 2015 NCAA’s

In one of, if not the most, controversial matches in college history Brian Realbuto beat Ian Miller 11-9 in sudden victory in a match that should have never gone to sudden victory in the first place. In the third period Miller got a takedown to give himself a 8-4 lead with about a minute left. After a Realbuto escape and takedown and intentional release, the score was 9-7 in favor of Miller. A last second takedown by Realbuto made the score 9-9, but Miller had 1:30 of riding time which should have made the score 10-9. The table and ref had the score wrong and sent the match into overtime where Realbuto won with a takedown in OT. The table never gave Miller the last escape. Kent State did not challenge the call on the mat so the match stood. The NCAA later admitted they made a scoring error, but due to Kent State not challenging, they claimed they couldn’t do anything about it. 

2015 NCAA 157 lb Quarter Final: Ian Miller (Kent State) v Brian Realbuto (Cornell)

Churella vs Hendricks – 2006 NCAA Finals

Before there was Brent Metcalf or Austin Desanto, there was Johny Hendricks. If you weren’t a Cowboy fan you most likely strongly disliked the guy. Churella is the son of legend Mark Churella, a 3x NCAA Champion. After rewatching this match you could tell how much hate was thrown Hendricks’ way. At the end of the second period, Churella countered a Hedricks shot and cradled up Hendricks and put him on his back. I think a lot of people (myself included) thought that Hendricks was pinned, or at the very least a full 5 count for three back points. But that isn’t the most controversial part of the match. With about 45 seconds left in the 3rd period, Hendricks hit a go behind on the edge where Churella had completely squared backup, but they still gave Hendricks a takedown. In my opinion, probably the worst takedown call ever. Hendricks also got a last second takedown, which to me isn’t as controversial as some might say. Hendricks sat Churella to his butt with both legs. Very similar to the Steiber/Oliver situation, which we will get to later. Check the link to the video and let me know what you guys think. 

Johny Hendricks vs. Ryan Churella: 2006 NCAA title match at 165 pounds

Steiber vs Oliver – 2012 NCAA Finals

There are a lot of interesting things about this match. If Oliver wins this match, is he one of the best Cowboy’s ever? If Oliver wins, Steiber never becomes a 4x NCAA Champ. If Oliver wins this, do they change the rule on when they award a takedown in that situation? I myself was a huge fan of both these guys’ styles and honestly didn’t think Steiber had much of a chance after watching their previous match that season. Steiber wrestled about as perfect of a match as he could have and in my opinion had a call go his way. I can see both sides of this story, but if you have both legs and the guy is sitting on his butt with nothing but a lock around the other guy’s chest, that’s a takedown. But I suppose that’s why they changed that rule. I don’t know anyone other than Buckeye fans who didn’t think it was a takedown.

NCAA Wrestling National Championships Division 1 Logan Stieber vs. Jordan Oliver

Fix vs Suriano 2014-2019

Styles make matches…. right? These two have wrestled three-ish folkstyle matches. The first match was at Who’s #1 when they were both in high school and the match went 30+ minutes before ending with a Fix takedown. Their second match happened in the dual in 2019 which ended with a hands to the face call against Suriano. Their third meeting happened in the 2019 National finals. Similar to the other two matches, it just had to end in controversy. The match went into overtime, and depending on what school you go to, you might have a different opinion on the ending. Some say Suriano pulled the headgear, and some say he just had his hand on the headgear, but regardless he got the winning takedown. 

Nick Suriano vs. Daton Fix: FULL 2019 NCAA Championship match at 133 pounds


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