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Senior Guys I Love To Watch And The Ones I Hate To Watch – @StaleMatesBravo

These are the guys that I will never miss watching their matches because of their awesome style and the craziness of the matches they compete in. In fact, I’ve been known to stay up all night in order to watch some of these guys

57 KG

Rei Higuchi(JPN)

Just go back and watch this guy’s Olympic run in 2016. He took out Yank(PRK) in the first round by tech. In the quarters he won 8-4, and then beat Rahimi in the semis 10-5. In the finals he lost a close match to Khinchegashvili, but his single leg was damn near unstoppable all tournament and made me a fan for life. He has spent some time up at 61 and 65 the last few years but recently won the 2019 Japan Championships over 2018 World Champion Takahashi which earned him the 2020(2021) Olympic spot.  

1/2 FS - 57 kg: R. HIGUCHI (JPN) df. H. RAHIMI (IRI), 10-5


Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez(CUB)

I was going to just do Olympic weights, but I just love watching YBR so much I couldn’t leave him out. Just watch his 2018 World Finals match against Rashidov and you will understand why he is a fan favorite. He legit hit a firemans for a five point move. Not sure if that’s ever been done before. Plus it was against a Russian which made it soooooo much better.


Takuto Otoguru(JPN)

He has either the best or second best re-attacks in the sport right now, and he loves to score points. In the 2018 World Championships he scored 67 points in 5 matches….


Togrul Asgarov(AZE)

I know he’s failed drug tests and doesn’t really wrestle anymore but I don’t care how old or out of shape this guy is I will never miss a match of his again. I would stay up all night to watch him compete. He has arguably the best head shuck ever, and can hit an elbow slide by from literally anywhere. Go on YouTube and watch any match he has ever wrestled against Frank Chamizo and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Toghrul Asgarov : United World Wrestling Champion


Frank Chamizo(ITA)

Chamizo has one of the best outside steps in the game and would actually rather have guys shoot in on his legs. His ability to counter guys when they are in on his legs is maybe the best ever outside of Satiev. 


Dauren Kurugliev(RUS)

I dislike Russia but love watching them compete. Kurugliev has a crazy fast snap down go behind, and some great collar tie low ankle offense. It was pretty impressive watching him hit a collar tie low ankle against David Taylor, who probably has the best collar tie low ankle in wrestling right now. 

Dauren Kurugliev (RUS) Highlights


J’den Cox(USA)

This is a really easy choice for me and maybe I’m being biased but I don’t really care. As guys get bigger there is less scrambling so some might consider it boring but when you’re a junkie like me that doesn’t matter. I understand that J’den doesn’t always open up in matches and score tons of points but the points he does score are amazing to watch. He is a legit wizard in the ways he can defend shots and I will always go out of my way to watch him compete.

The "Matrix" J'den Cox Wrestling Highlights


Taha Akgul(TUR)

This guy has been on a crazy run. He is a 2x World Champion and 2016 Olympic Champ. He might have the best leg lace in the game and often ends matches early, which is somewhat rare at the 125kg weight class.

Most Boring/Worst Olympic Weights


All 57kg guys are exciting. Don’t @ me.


Meysam Nasiri(IRAN) 

The butcher of Iran should not have this nickname. Quite possibly the most overrated of all time. Just ask Irani on twitter.


Yakup Gor(TUR)

I’m really not 100% sure why I don’t like watching this guy wrestle, but he just really doesn’t have tons of offense. He is a guy who is in almost every match he wrestles, but he just isn’t very exciting. Very straight on and I think he is best known for just having close matches with good guys. 


Vladislav Valiev(RUS)

Vladislav is really strong and holds pretty good position, and one time he did a really cool cartwheel finish in the 2019 European Championships. But normally he hates to score points and try to be offensive. Plus, the only senior world medal he has was literally given to him by the refs. 


Mojitaba Goleij(IRI)

Once again, ask Irani. I don’t know if he can do anything but try a snatch single. It hasn’t worked at the senior level.

Elizbar Odikadze(GEO)

If you want to watch someone who I’m not really sure has never taken a shot in his life, watch Odikadze. I think his biggest claim to fame is having close matches with Snyder. Unless he is wrestling Snyder, I refuse to watch him.


Parviz Hadi(IRI)

People might now think I am a huge Iran hater. Which is extremely false. Sayed Mohammadi is one of my favorite guys in recent years to watch. But…. Hadi is unbelievably difficult to watch. Actually, I refuse to ever watch a match of his again.


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